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Gefügesimulation in mehrphasig erstarrenden Legierungen / Simulation of microstructure evolution in multiphase alloys

M. Seeßelberg, J. Tiaden, G. J. Schmitz, I. Steinbach.

Metall, Giesel, Isernhagen, 51, 491-493, (1997)

A major interest in the metal industry is the development of simulation methods of sufficient predictive power to minimize the amount of costly experimentation normally associated with the introduction of significant changes of practice. Micress (= Microstructure Evolution Simulation Software) is a promising software package for the simulation of microstructures during solidification of technical relevant alloys which is actually under development. First simulations of binary eutectic and peritectic microstructures are presented. Simulations of eutectic microstructures are verified by comparison with an analytical expression for the eutectic spacing. Simulation of peritectic solidification of Fe-C reveals many experimentally known phenomena of direct and indirect peritectic transitions. is well, the software allows simulations of non-ferrous alloys. For this purpose, corresponding thermodynamic input data are to be used. The generalization of Micress to handle ternary and quaternary alloys is envisaged.

Keyword(s): microstructure; software package; simulation; solidification; eutectic structure
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