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Plastic deformation modelling of tempered martensite steel block structure by a nonlocal crystal plasticity model

M. Boeff, A. Ma, A. Hartmaier.

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters, 4, 051007, (2014)

The plastic deformations of tempered martensite steel representative volume elements with different martensite block structures have been investigated by using a nonlocal crystal plasticity model which considers isotropic and kinematic hardening produced by plastic strain gradients. It was found that pronounced strain gradients occur in the grain boundary region even under homogeneous loading. The isotropic hardening of strain gradients strongly influences the global stress–strain diagram while the kinematic hardening of strain gradients influences the local deformation behaviour. It is found that the additional strain gradient hardening is not only dependent on the block width but also on the misorientations or the deformation incompatibilities in adjacent blocks.

DOI: 10.1063/2.1405107
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