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Diffusion pattern in MSi2 and M5Si3 silicides in group VB (M = V, Nb, Ta) and VIB (M = Mo, W) refractory metal-silicon systems

S. Roy, S. Prasad, S. V. Divinski, A. Paul.

Philosophical Magazine, 94, 1508-1528, (2014)

Group VB and VIB M–Si systems are considered to show an interesting pattern in the diffusion of components with the change in atomic number in a particular group (M = V, Nb, Ta or M = Mo, W, respectively). Mainly two phases, MSi2 and M5Si3 are considered for this discussion. Except for Ta–silicides, the activation energy for the integrated diffusion of MSi2 is always lower than M5Si3. In both phases, the relative mobilities measured by the ratio of the tracer diffusion coefficients decrease with an increasing atomic number in the given group. If determined at the same homologous temperature, the interdiffusion coefficients increase with the atomic number of the refractory metal in the MSi2 phases and decrease in the M5Si3 ones. This behaviour features the basic changes in the defect concentrations on different sublattices with a change in the atomic number of the refractory components.

DOI: 10.1080/14786435.2014.888103
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