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Nucleation barriers for the liquid-to-crystal transition in simple metals: experiment vs. simulation

J. Bokeloh, G. Wilde, R. E. Rozas, R. Benjamin, J. Horbach.

European Physical Journal Special Topics, Springer, Heidelberg, 223, 511-526, (2014)

Crystal nucleation in the one-component metals Ni and Au is investigated using a combination of differential thermal analysis (DTA) experiments and Monte Carlo (MC) simulations. A novel experimental methodology allows to measure nucleation rates J over a range of 8 orders of magnitude. Evidence is given that these rates correspond to homogeneous nucleation. From the nucleation rates, free energy nucleation barriers Delta G (a
Keyword(s): colloids; prediction; surface; melts
DOI: 10.1140/epjst/e2014-02106-2
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