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Simulation of ideal grain growth using the multi-phase-field model

P. Schaffnit, M. Apel, I. Steinbach.

Materials Science Forum, Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Stafa-Zurich, 558-559, 1177-1181, (2007)

The kinetics and topology of ideal grain growth were simulated using the phase-field model. Large scale phase-field simulations were carried out where ten thousands grains evolved into a few hundreds without allowing coalescence of grains. The implementation was first validated in two-dimensions by checking the conformance with square-root evolution of the average grain size and the von Neumann-Mullins law. Afterwards three-dimensional simulations were performed which also showed fair agreement with the law describing the evolution of the mean grain size against time and with the results of S. Hilgenfeld et al. in 'An Accurate von Neumann's Law for Three-Dimensional Foams', Phys. Rev. Letters, 86(12)/2685, March 2001. Finally the steady state grain size distribution was investigated and compared to the Hillert theory.

Keyword(s): multi-phase-field, pure grain growth, grain size distribution
DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.558-559.1177
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