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Peritectic and eutectic solidification: Simulations of the microstructure using the multi-phase-field method

M. Seeßelberg, J. Tiaden, G. J. Schmitz, I. Steinbach.

J. Beeck, H. Jones,

Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Solidification Processing, 440-443, (1997)

The multi-phase-field method has been developed as a new method for numerical simulations of growing microstructures during solidification. This method enables for the first time the description of phase transitions in multiphase systems even with complex phase diagrams. The impact of Gibbs-Thomson undercooling between each pair of phases on the evolving microstructure is taken into account. Using the multi-phase-field method, growth of lamellar eutectic systems as well as of peritectic systems has been successfully simulated and respective results are presented. The simulation of a eutectic microstructure is compared with a well-known analytical expression for the eutectic spacing.

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