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Production of a finely dispersed AlPb-coating

T. Berrenberg, I. Steinbach, M. Rommerskirchen, R. Mergen.

S. G. Aduani, C. Beckermann,

Heat and Mass Transfer in Solidification Processing, ASME, 115, 103-112, (1993)

The paper presents initial results of a modified planar flow casting process with the aim of producing a multilayer composite material with an AlPb-alloy-based coating. The monotectic AlPb system is characterized by rapid separation behavior of the components in the liquid phase. The coarsening of Pb precipitates due to diffusion- and coagulation-effects is estimated and with regard to the required microstructure, Al with finely dispersed Pb, the necessary cooling rate and the temperature gradient perpendicular to the substrate are deduced. Based upon these assumptions the numerical simulation aided design of the thermal process is described. Experimental results, achieved on a pilot plant, are shown and the microstructure of the produced multilayer composite is discussed.

DOI: 10.1115/1.2902158
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