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Divorced eutectic solidification of Mg-Al alloys

A. Monas, O. Shchyglo, S. J. Kim, C. Yim, D. Höche, I. Steinbach.

JOM, 67, 1805-1811, (2015)


We present simulations of the nucleation and equiaxed dendritic growth of the primary hexagonal close-packed α-Mg phase followed by the nucleation of the β-phase in interdendritic regions. A zoomed-in region of a melt channel under eutectic conditions is investigated and compared with experiments. The presented simulations allow prediction of the final properties of an alloy based on process parameters. The obtained results give insight into the solidification processes governing the microstructure formation of Mg-Al alloys, allowing their targeted design for different applications.

DOI: 10.1007/s11837-015-1418-4
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