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Molecular dynamics simulation of GaAs molecular beam epitaxy

C. A. Murdick, X,. W. Zhou, H. N. G. Wadley, R. Drautz, D. G. Pettifor.

Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, 895E, JJ 9.7, (2005)

The vapor deposition of epitaxial GaAs and (Ga,Mn)As thin films during far-from-equilibrium growth is studied using classical molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. Both a Tersoff potential and a preliminary version of a bond order potential (BOP) are utilized for the simulations. The film morphology is studied at various substrate temperatures and As:Ga flux ratios. We also explore the low-temperature growth of Ga0.94Mn0.06As and the Mn clustering trends in as-grown films.

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