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Large deformation framework for phase-field simulations at the mesoscale

E. Borukhovich, P. S. Engels, J. Mosler, O. Shchyglo, I. Steinbach.

Computational Materials Science, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 108, 367-373, (2015)

A large-strain plasticity framework is set up for phase-field simulations at the mesoscopic scale. The approach is based on an Eulerian setting with remeshing after each time step to keep a fixed structured mesh. Rotations, as evaluated from the antisymmetric part of the deformation gradient tensor, are integrated to capture the process history. Special emphasis is also given to the homogenization of the diffuse interface region to ensure the Hadamard jump condition and 2-dimensional scaling of the interface. The approach is applied to deformation of a polycrystal.

DOI: 10.1016/j.commatsci.2015.06.021
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