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Fluctuations and diffusion in sheared athermal suspensions of deformable particles

M. Gross, T. Krüger, F. Varnik.

Europhysics Letters, 108, 68006, (2015)


We analyze fluctuations of particle displacements and stresses in a sheared athermal suspension of elastic capsules (red blood cells). Upon variation of the volume fraction from the dilute up to the highly concentrated regime, our numerical simulations reveal different characteristic power-law regimes of the fluctuation variances and relaxation times. In the jammed phase and at high shear rates, anomalous scaling exponents are found that deviate from pure dimensional predictions. The observed behavior is rationalized via kinetic arguments and a dissipation balance model that takes into account the local fluid flows between the particles. Our findings support the view that the rheology of dense suspensions is essentially governed by the non-affine displacements.

DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/108/68006
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