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Intermediate Co/Ni-base model superalloys — Thermophysical properties, creep and oxidation

C. Zenk, S. Neumeier, N. M. Engl, S. G. Fries, O. Dolotko, M. Weiser, S. Virtanen, M. Göken.

Scripta Materialia, 112, 83-86, (2016)

The mechanical properties of γ′-strengthened Co–Ni–Al–W–Cr model superalloys extending from pure Ni-base to pure Co-base superalloys have been assessed. Differential scanning calorimetry measurements and thermodynamic calculations match well and show that the γ′ solvus temperature decreases with increasing Co-content. The γ/γ′ lattice misfit is negative on the Ni- and positive on the Co-rich side. High Ni-contents decelerate the oxidation kinetics up to a factor of 15. The creep strength of the Ni-base alloy increases by an order of magnitude with additions of Co before it deteriorates strongly upon higher additions despite an increasing γ′ volume fraction.

Keyword(s): cobalt; nickel; superalloy, creep; neutron diffraction
DOI: 10.1016/j.scriptamat.2015.09.018
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