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Modelling of chip breakage in machining process with damage mechanics model

B. Wu, Y. Yan, S. Münstermann.

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 784, 411-418, (2015)

Controlled chip breakage is important for machining process. In order to investigate the chip breakage behaviour in turning process, damage mechanics approach is applied in FE simulation of chip breakage. In this work, an advanced damage mechanics model is implemented for description of the plastic flow and damage behaviour of chip material in simulation. This material model takes the temperature, strain rate as well as state of stress into consideration, which are essential for application in machining processes.

Keyword(s): Chip Breakage, Damage Mechanics Model; Finite Element Method; State of Stress; Strain Rate Effect; Temperature Effect
DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.784.411
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