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Modelling of flow behaviour and dynamic recrystallization during hot deformation of MS-W 1200 using the phase field framework

J. Hiebeler, K. Khlopkov, O. Shchyglo, T. Pretorius, I. Steinbach.

MATEC Web of Conferences, 80, 01003, (2016)

Microstructure evolution during hot deformation of MS-W 1200 steel at 1373 K and strain rate of 1/s. Color coding gives flow stress in [MPa].

A new simulation environment is developed to simulate the evolution of microstructure and the corresponding flow stress during rolling. An orientation dependent crystal plasticity hardening model is coupled to grain evolution-, recovery- and recrystallization kinetics within a phase field framework. Hardening and softening kinetics are treated consecutive to differentiate between individual effects. Simulation results are compared to hot compression tests at 1373 K with a strain rate of 1 s-1.

DOI: 10.1051/matecconf/20168001003
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