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Phase-field simulation of solidification and solid-state transformations in multicomponent steels

B. Boettger, M. Apel, J. Eiken, P. Schaffnit, I. Steinbach.

Steel Research International, 79, 608-616, (2008)

Calculating microstructures for technical materials is an ambitious task which not only implies different length scales but also the complex thermodynamic properties of multicomponent and multiphase alloys. We report some of the recent progress in simulating microstructure evolution in multicomponent steels using the multiphase-field software MICRESS. Several applications are reviewed in order to demonstrate the current status of applied phase-field techniques.

Keyword(s): phase-field; simulation; microstructure; thermodynamics; multicomponent; multiphase; steel; casting; nucleation; diffusion; solidification; calphad
DOI: 10.2374/SRI08SP021-79-2008-608
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