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Development of a simulation approach to microstructure evolution during solidification and homogenization using the phase-field method

J. Imlau, W. Bleck, S. Zaefferer, N. Warnken, A. Drevermann, D. Ma, S. G. Fries, I. Steinbach.

Superalloys, 951-960, (2008)

A numerical method for the simulation of microstructure formation during the solidification and solution heat treatment of single crystal superalloys is presented. The method is based on the phase-field method, coupled to thermodynamic calculation (CALPHAD) and kinetic databases. Simulations are performed in a representative transverse section of a directionally solidified dendritic array. Calculated as-cast structures form the bases for the subsequent solution heat treatment simulations. The method is applied to simulate microstructure formation in a five component model Ni-base superalloy (Ni-5.8Al-9.0Cr-7.9Ta-8.8W, wt.%). Experiments were carried out for validation and good agreement with the model predictions is

Keyword(s): microstructure modelling; solidification; solution heat treatment; phase-field; CALPHAD; diffusion; single; crystal solidification
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