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Peritectic phase transformation in the Fe–Mn and Fe–C system utilizing simulations with phase-field method

C. L. M. Alves, J. Rezende, D. Senk, J. Kundin.

Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 8, 233-242, (2019)

The present investigation focuses on the solidification of peritectic binary alloys in the systems Fe-Mn and Fe-C by utilizing phase-field simulations. Isothermal and directional solidification conditions were simulated with this approach and the following aspects were investigated: the phases evolution during the peritectic transformation close to the peritectic temperature for the Fe-Mn alloys with 9.5 and 11.0. wt.%, the kinetics of the γ-phase growth simultaneously into the liquid and into the δ-phase during the peritectic transformation for several alloys under isothermal conditions in the Fe-Mn peritectic plateau, the γ-phase thickness during the peritectic reaction in the Fe-Mn system and, finally, the behavior of the remaining δ-phase amount at the end of solidification for different cooling rates in the Fe-C peritectic alloy. The model approach was checked by comparison with literature data. It was concluded that the present approach is consistent in yielding quantitative results for the interested phase transformation.

Keyword(s): peritectic solidification; phase-field simulation; Fe–Mn alloys Fe–C alloys
DOI: 10.1016/j.jmrt.2018.01.001
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