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Shear banding in amorphous solids: from correlations of local plastic deformation to percolating shear bands, a molecular dynamics study

M. R. Hassani.

PhD Thesis, Faculty of mechanical engineering, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany (2019)

Glassy materials and in particular metallic glasses have high potential to be utilized as functional materials due to their interesting properties such as superior strength in comparison to their crystalline counterparts and high corrosion resistance. However, the localization of shear strain in narrow bands (shear bands) results in their brittle failure and thus limits their application. With this regard, this dissertation focuses on the plastic deformation of glassy materials via large-scale molecular dynamics simulations of a generic model. We have analyzed the spatio-temporal characteristics of the deformation around the elementary plastic events in glasses. Furthermore, the structural heterogeneities associated with the shear banding are investigated.

Keyword(s): Disordered solids, plastic deformation, spatio-temporal correlations, molecular dynamics simulation, metallic glasses
DOI: 10.13154/294-6573
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