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Light-emitting nanophotonic designs enabled by ultrafast laser processing of halide perovskites

A. Y. Zhizhchenko, P. Tonkaev, D. Gets, A. Larin, D. Zuev, S. Starikov, E. V. Pustovalov, A. M. Zakharenko, S. A. Kulinich, S. Juodkazis, A. A. Kuchmizhak, S. V. Makarov.

Small, 16, 2000410, (2020)

Nanophotonics based on resonant nanostructures and metasurfaces made of halide perovskites have become a prospective direction for efficient light manipulation at the subwavelength scale in advanced photonic designs. One of the main challenges in this field is the lack of large-scale low-cost technique for subwavelength perovskite structures fabrication preserving highly efficient luminescence. Here, unique properties of halide perovskites addressed to their extremely low thermal conductivity (lower than that of silica glass) and high defect tolerance to apply projection femtosecond laser lithography for nanofabrication with precise spatial control in all three dimensions preserving the material luminescence efficiency are employed. Namely, with CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite highly ordered nanoholes and nanostripes of width as small as 250 nm, metasurfaces with periods less than 400 nm, and nanowire lasers as thin as 500 nm, corresponding to the state-of-the-art in multistage expensive lithographical methods are created. Remarkable performance of the developed approach allows to demonstrate a number of advanced optical applications, including morphology-controlled photoluminescence yield, structural coloring, optical- information encryption, and lasing.

Keyword(s): halide perovskites; lasing; light emission; metasurfaces; nanostructures; structural coloration
DOI: 10.1002/smll.202000410
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