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Micromechanical modeling of DP600 steel: from microstructure to the sheet metal forming process

N. Vajragupta, S. Maassen, T. Clausmeyer, D. Brands, J. Schröder, A. Hartmaier.

Procedia Manufacturing, 47, 1540-1547, (2020)

This study proposes a micromechanical modeling scheme to predict relevant mechanical behavior of DP600 steel for the sheet metal forming process. This study can be divided into two parts which are the prediction of the advanced anisotropic initial yield function by means of microstructure-based simulations and the investigation of microstructure changes during the sheet metal forming process. Firstly, based on the quantitative microstructure characterization of DP600 steel by EBSD analysis, the obtained statistical information of important microstructural features is used to generate a microstructure model with the help of an advanced dynamic microstructure generator (ADMG), which combines a particle simulation method with radical Voronoi tessellation. In the next step, finite element simulations with a non-local crystal plasticity model for the individual grains are conducted. With the help of these simulations, the crystal plasticity parameters are adapted to match the experiments. The resulting parameterized microstructure model of DP600 steel is then applied to various loading conditions to investigate the corresponding mechanical responses. For the second part, macroscopic simulations of the bending process are performed and local deformation fields of the location of interest are captured and imposed as boundary conditions on the microstructure model to study the changes in the microstructural features.

Keyword(s): micromechanical modeling; representative volume element; crystal plasticity; beam element
DOI: 10.1016/j.promfg.2020.04.347
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