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Grain refinement of γ-TiAl alloys by inoculation

D. Gosslar, R. Günther, C. Hartig, R. Bormann, J. Zollinger, I. Steinbach.

Material Research Society Symposium Proceedings, Materials Research Society, 1128, 1128-U03-02, (2009)

A significant grain refinement is achieved for a Ti-45Al (at.%) alloy via the addition of a novel Ti-Al-TiB2 master alloy. This refinement is attributed to a low lattice mismatch of TiB2 with the primary solidifying phase and its thermodynamic stability. Model calculations allow for the prediction of the grain size as a function of cooling rate, alloy constitution and particle size distribution and content. However, the model predictions are smaller than the experimentally observed grain size since the fraction of effective particles is overestimated.

DOI: 10.1557/PROC-1128-U03-02
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