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Crystal anisotropy-dependent shear angle variation in orthogonal cutting of single crystalline copper

Z. Wang, J. Zhang, Z. Xu, G. Li, H. Zhang, Z. Li, H. u. Hassan, F. Fang, A. Hartmaier, T. Sun.

Precision Engineering, 63, 41-48, (2020)

Shear deformation that dominates elementary chip formation in metal cutting greatly relies on crystal anisotropy. In the present work we investigate the influence of crystallographic orientation on shear angle in ultra-precision orthogonal diamond cutting of single crystalline copper by joint crystal plasticity finite element simulations and in-situ experiments integrated in scanning electron microscope. In particular, the experimental cutting conditions including a straight cutting edge are the same with that used in the 2D finite element simulations. Both simulations and experiments demonstrate a well agreement in chip profile and shear angle, as well as their dependence on crystallography. A series of finite element simulations of orthogonal cutting along different cutting directions for a specific crystallographic orientation are further performed, and predicated values of shear angle are used to calibrate an extended

Keyword(s): diamond cutting; single crystalline copper; crystal anisotropy; shear angle; crystal plasticity finite element
Cite as: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.precisioneng.2020.01.006
DOI: 10.1016/j.precisioneng.2020.01.006
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