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Thin interface limit for phase-field models of solidification with local mobility correction

S. Hubig, R. Schiedung, I. Steinbach.

arXiv:1905.02965 [physics], -, 13, (2019)

A new approach is developed to derive an analytical form for mobility corrections in phase-field models for pure material solidification. Similar to the thin interface limit approach (Karma and Rappel, 1996) it seeks to remove systematic errors in the kinetics of phase-field models that arise due to the diffusivity of the interface. The new approach harnesses local information within the diffuse interface instead of an expansion within the interface peclet number pe=η/δ, the ratio of diffuse interface thickness to diffusion length. Therefore it has no need for an approximation of pe being small. This results in a broader range of applicability of the approach for higher pe.

Keyword(s): Physics - Computational Physics
Cite as: https://arxiv.org/abs/1905.02965
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