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Competition between order and phase separation in Au-Ni

H. Reichert, A. Schöps, I. B. Ramsteiner, V. N. Bugaev, O. Shchyglo, A. Udyansky, H. Dosch, M. Asta, R. Drautz, V. Honkimäki.

Physical Review Letters, 95, 235703, (2005)

We have measured and theoretically analyzed the diffuse scattering in the binary alloy system Au-Ni, which has been proposed as a testing ground for theories of alloy phase stability. We found strong evidence that in the alloys Au3Ni and Au3Ni2, fluctuations of both ordering- and clustering-type are competing with each other. Our results resolve a long-standing controversy on the balance of relaxation and mixing energies in this alloy system and explain recent findings of ordering in thin Au-Ni films.

Keyword(s): short-range order; solid-solutions; Cu-Ag; stability; alloys
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.95.235703
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