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Strain dependence of piezoelectric coefficients for pseudomorphically grown semiconductors

R. Garg, V. Haxha, M. A. Migliorato, A. Hüe, G. P. Srivastava, T. Hammerschmidt.

Microelectronics Journal, 40, 601-603, (2009)

We address the issue of strain dependence of piezoelectric effect in semiconductor materials, which is manifested by the appearance of an electric field in response to crystal deformation. For III–V materials such as GaAs and InAs we find that strain considerably modifies the value of the piezoelectric coefficients. For the case of InAs pseudomorphically grown on GaAs substrate, our model predicts a sign reversal of the piezoelectric coefficients e14, e25 and e36 from negative to positive for strains of around 7%. This might explain several discrepancies between the theoretical and experimental observations made on nanostructures such as III–V quantum dots.

DOI: 10.1016/j.mejo.2008.06.098
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