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On the formation and growth of Mo-rich Laves phase particles during long-term creep of a 12% chromium tempered martensite ferritic steel

A. Aghajani, F. Richter, C. Somsen, S. G. Fries, I. Steinbach, G. Eggeler.

Scripta Materialia, Elsevier Ltd, 61, 1068-1071, (2009)

It was recently reported (Aghajani et al. [1]) that Laves phase particles do not reach thermodynamic equilibrium as they form and grow during long-term creep (120MPa, 823K, 139 971h) of a 12% chromium tempered martensite ferritic steel. In the present work we show that this is due to the slow diffusion of silicon in the steel matrix.

Keyword(s): Creep; 12% Cr steels; Laves phase; Diffusion; Silicon
DOI: 10.1016/j.scriptamat.2009.08.031
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