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Modeling of hot ductility during solidification of steel grades in continuous casting - part II

B. Böttger, S. Stratmeier, E. Subasic, K. Göhler, I. Steinbach, D. Senk.

Advanced Engineering Materials, 12, 101-109, (2010)

In continuous casting, the probability of hot cracks developing strongly depends on the local solidification process and the microstructure formation. In ref. [1], an integrative model for hot cracking of the initial solid shell is developed. This paper focuses on solidification modelling, which plays an important role in the integrated approach. Solidification is simulated using a multiphase-field model, coupled online to thermodynamic and diffusion databases and using an integrated 1D temperature solver to describe the local temperature field. Less-complex microsegregation models are discussed for comparison. The results are compared to EDX results from strand samples of different steel grades.

Keyword(s): hot ductility; solidification of steel grades; continuous casting
DOI: 10.1002/adem.201000022
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