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On the evolution of microstructure in oxygen-free high conductivity copper during thermo-mechanical processing using rotary swaging

F. Otto, J. Frenzel, G. Eggeler.

International Journal of Materials Research, 102, 363-370, (2011)

In the present work, the processing parameters which govern the evolution of microstructure during rotary swaging and intermediate/subsequent heat treatments in copper rods were studied. Copper ingots with an initial diameter of 40 mm were reduced to a final diameter of 11.7 mm by rotary swaging. Processing sequences were applied with different intermediate anneals and various final heat treatments. The resulting microstructures were characterized using orientation imaging microscopy, optical microscopy and hardness measurements. Special emphasis was placed on the evolution of microstructure with respect to the radial and longitudinal position in the rod. Most importantly, microstructural evidence for torsional loading during swaging was found, and a spiral grain morphology was observed. Moreover, localized deformation events were identified and evidence for abnormal grain growth was found. Finally, a combination of swaging and heat treatment parameters was identified which allowed a homogeneous grain structure to be produced.

Keyword(s): abnormal grain-growth; oligocrystalline incoloy-ma-956; annealing behavior; single-crystals; size dependence; bulk cu; recrystallization; texture; deformation; recovery
DOI: 10.3139/146.110501
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