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Precipitation kinetics study of Al – Zr – X(Sc or Ti) alloys by phase-field simulations and atom-probe tomography

N. Masquelier, H. Zapolsky, W. Lefebvre, S. G. Fries, R. Patte, P. Pareige.

Solide State Phenomena, 172-174, 869-874, (2011)


Phase field modeling of precipitation kinetics in Al – Zr – Sc and Al – Zr – Ti ternary alloys has been performed. The free energy was evaluated using the Thermocalc data. Our simulations showed that L12 precipitates in Al – Zr – Sc alloy consists of Sc rich zone of in core and Zirconium rich zone at the precipitate / matrix interface. In Al – Zr – Ti system, Al3 (Zr-Ti) precipitates are homogeneous and no segregation is observed. Phase-field simulation results are compared with 3D APT data.

Keyword(s): Al-Zr-Ti Alloy, Coarsening, Phase-Field Models
DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/SSP.172-174.869
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