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Simulation of the external pressure influence on the micro-structural evolution of a single crystal Ni-based superalloy

I. Lopez-Galilea, S. Huth, S. G. Fries, I. Steinbach, W. Theisen.

Advanced Materials Research, 278, 247-252, (2011)

The phase field method has been applied to simulate the microstructural evolution of a commercial single crystal Ni-based superalloy during both, HIP and annealing treatments. The effects of applying high isostatic pressure on the microstructural evolution, which mainly retards the diffusion of the alloying elements causing the loss of the orientational coherency between the phases is demonstrated by the simulation and experimental results

Keyword(s): hot isostatic pressing (hip), microstructure evolution, ni-base superalloy, phase-field method
DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.278.247
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