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Modeling of bainitic phase transformation in high carbon steel

W. Song, N. Francke, U. Prahl, W. Bleck.

International Conference of Advanced Steels, 2010, 115-124, (2010)

Carbon plays a very important role in setting the properties of bainitic steels at both meso- and nano- scales. In order to better understand the nature of bainitic phase transformation in high carbon steels, a complete kinetics theory is applied to the high carbon bearing steel DIN 100Cr6 (GB GCr15) in the present work. This physical approach not only considers bainitic ferrite formation but also takes cementite precipitation into account. Meanwhile, the bainitic phase transformation in 100Cr6 steel is simulated by dilatometry and its microstructure is analyzed by LOM, SEM, TEM, EDX as well as XRD and Gerdemann’s classification system is used to describe the bainite microstructure. The volume fraction of each phase is predicted by the kinetics model and compared against the experiments. The results show that this full kinetics theory gives a reasonable description of bainite reaction in high carbon steels.

Keyword(s): bainitic ferrite; cementite; transformation kinetics; high carbon
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