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Phase-field simulations of baintic phase transformation in 100Cr6

W. Song, U. Prahl, W. Bleck, K. Mukherjee.

TMS 2011 - 140th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, 417-425, (2011)

Bainitic structure is of considerable importance in the design of high strength steels for application in fatigue loading condition. In order to better understand the mechanisms of bainitic structure formation and to model its microstructure evolution, 2D phase-field simulations were performed coupled with CALPHAD method. In the present work, high carbon bearing steel EN DIN 100Cr6 was used to investigate the bainite transformation. The bainitic growth mode is considered to be faceted in the phase-field simulations. The simulations show the bainitic microstructure evolution and predict its growth kinetics. Carbon diffusion as well as the interfacial mobility during bainitic phase transformation are considered in modeling. The phase-field predicted phase fraction and microstructure evolution results are compared against the dilatometry and HRTEM experimental results. The isothermal bainitic phase transformation kinetics is successfully modeled.

Keyword(s): microstructure evolution, phase-field, bainite, interface mobility
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