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Atomic analysis on bainitic reaction in high-carbon steel 100Cr6

W. Song, U. Prahl, W. Bleck.

8th International Symposium on Atomic Level Characterization for New Materials and Devices’11 (ALC’11), 84-86, (2011)

Bainite structure is of considerable importance in the design of high strength steels because of its excellent balance of strength and toughness. In order to deeper understand the mechanisms of bainite reaction, Local field Electron Atom Probe (LEAP) investigations and High Resolution TEM analysis were performed in high carbon steel 100Cr6. Atom Probe results show the distribution of elements, especially C and Cr, in both matrix and carbides in the steel. Atom Probe concentration results were compared with the para-equilibrium diagram which was calculated using Calphad method and can support as an input for phase-field simulations. Atom Probe analyses indicated that the carbon concentration in the bainitic ferrite in lower bainite was significantly higher than that expected from the para-equilibrium thermodynamics between austenite and ferrite.

Keyword(s): atom probe; high resolution TEM; CALPHAD; bainite
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