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Interdiffusivities and atomic mobilities in fcc Cu–Al–Fe alloys

C. Dai, H.H. Xu, S.Q. Wang, M. Yin, S.L. Cui, L. Zhang, Y. Du, F. Zheng.

CALPHAD: Computer Coupling of Phase Diagrams and Thermochemistry, Elsevier Ltd., 35, 556–561, (2011)

Using solid/solid diffusion couples and the electron probe microanalysis (EPMA) technique, the interdiffusion coefficients in fcc Cu–Al–Fe alloys at 1273 K were determined by means of Whittle and Green’s method. Based on the atomic mobilities of three sub-binary systems available in the literature and the interdiffusivities determined, the atomic mobilities in fcc Cu–Al–Fe alloys were assessed by means of the DICTRA (DIffusion Controlled TRAnsformation) software package. The calculated interdiffusivities agree well with the experimental ones. Further verification of the atomic mobilities obtained was carried out through comprehensive comparisons between the model-predicted concentration profiles/diffusion paths of several diffusion couples and the experimental data. The results indicate that the atomic mobilities obtained can reproduce the experiment data reasonably well.

Keyword(s): fcc cu-al-fe alloy; interdiffusion coefficient; atomic mobility; diffusion path; electron probe microanalysis
DOI: 10.1016/j.calphad.2011.10.002
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