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Thermodynamic Descriptions for the Sn-Te and Pb-Sn-Te Systems

Y. Liu, D. Liang, L. Zhang.

Journal of Electronic Materials, TMS, 39, 246-257, (2009)

Thermodynamic evaluation of the Sn-Te and Pb-Sn-Te systems has been carried out using the calculation of phase diagrams (CALPHAD) method. The associated solution model is utilized to describe the thermodynamic properties of liquids in the Sn-Te and Pb-Sn-Te systems. Such a model is based on the formation of associates in the melts to account for abrupt changes in thermochemical quantities and phase diagrams. According to this treatment, the Sn-Te melts are composed of three species, Sn, SnTe, and Te, at an equilibrium state. In the Pb-Sn-Te ternary melts, only binary associates, PbTe and SnTe, are assumed to exist. Based on abundant phase equilibrium and thermochemical data, the thermodynamic behaviors of the Sn-Te and Pb-Sn-Te systems have been extensively studied. Self-consistent thermodynamic descriptions have been established, which enable a great majority of the experimental values to be well reproduced. Various calculated isothermal sections, vertical sections, and liquidus projections are presented.

Keyword(s): sn-te; pb-sn-te; thermodynamics; calphad; associated solution model
DOI: 10.1007/s11664-009-0985-y
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