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Phase behavior of columnar DNA assemblies

H.M. Harreis, A.A. Kornyshev, C.N. Likos, H. Löwen, G. Sutmann.

Physical Review Letters, 89, 018303, (2002)


The interaction between two stiff parallel DNA molecules depends not only on the distance between their axes but also on their azimuthal orientation. The positional and orientational order in columnar B-DNA assemblies in solution is investigated, on the basis of the electrostatic pair potential that takes into account DNA helical symmetry and the amount and distribution of adsorbed counterions. A phase diagram obtained by lattice sums predicts a variety of positionally and azimuthally ordered phases and bundling transitions strongly depending on the counterion adsorption patterns.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.89.018303
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