ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation


Traditionally different disciplines focus on different length scales. Multiscale modelling of materials across the length scales requires overcoming the borders between the disciplines for a seamless integration of the models on different length scales into one coherent multi-scale modelling framework (After D.G. Pettifor, 1991).

ICAMS: multi-scale modelling and design of technical materials as a scientific challenge

ICAMS focuses on the development of methods to predict the behaviour of materials, in order to design materials with specific properties. This requires a multiscale materials modelling framework that is based on the fundamental laws of nature and links the electronic modelling hierarchy through the atomistic and mesoscale modelling regimes to macroscopic material behaviour. It is evident that such a framework may not be based on rigid, formal parameterizations alone but must emerge from a detailed understanding of the mechanistic behaviour of materials, a robust knowledge of materials properties and metallurgical trends, and must take into account the processing of materials as the basis of dynamical structure property relations. Through bundling expertise on modelling and simulation of materials across all length and time scales at ICAMS and the advanced study groups with experimental support as well as input and insight from industry, ICAMS is in a unique position that will allow it to fast-track the development of advanced multi-scale modelling methods.

RESEARCH PROJECTSRecent research highlights from ICAMS which are published in refrereed journals can be found here.

COLLABORATIVE RESEARCHICAMS is also involved in larger coordinated research projects, like the Cooperative Research Centre (Sonderforschungsbereich/Transregio 103) „From atoms to turbine blades“ or the Materials Research Department of the Ruhr-Universität.
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