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Charge transport generated by electron beam in molecularly doped polymers

A. P. Tyutnev, V. S. Saenko, J. Kundin, E. D. Pozhidaev.

Journal of Imaging Science and Technology, 45, 297-302, (2001)

Charge carrier transport in a typical molecularly doped polymer has been studied by the time-of-flight and radiation induced conductivity methods. In the time range bracketing the conventional transit time a strong disagreement between two sets of data has been found. Unlike time-of-flight signal that rather closely reproduces all salient features reported in literature, the radiation induced conductivity transient lacks the plateau. In fact, it exhibits a strict power law decay t −0.5 changing at long times to t −1 or t −1.5 patterns due to bimolecular recombination or true transit time effects, respectively. At short times, both transients are described by the same t −0.5 dependence. These facts suggest the dispersive rather than the Gaussian charge transport.

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