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Phase-field simulation of a Fe-Mn alloy under forced flow conditions

R. Siquieri, J. L. Lopes Rezende, J. Kundin, H. Emmerich.

The European Physical Journal Special Topics, 177, 193-205, (2009)

In this work a study through numerical simulation of dendritic growth for the system Fe-Mn under the influence of a forced flow field is presented. The investigations are based on an extension of the quantitative phase-field approach developed by Echebarria et. al. Phy. Rev. E 061604 (2004), to simulate the solidification of Fe-Mn under the influence of a forced flow field. The simulations are performed for isothermal conditions and the investigation concentrates on the effects of forced flow on the dendrite morphology during the growth dynamics. The effects of forced flow on microsegregation are also discussed.

DOI: 10.1140/epjst/e2009-01175-6
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