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The effect of pressure and temperature on the electric field gradient at 111Cd on In sites in the In-Bi intermetallic compound

S. G. Fries, A. Maciel, J. A. H. da Jornada.

Journal of Physics F: Metal Physics, 18, 813-821, (1988)


The time-dependent perturbed angular correlation (TDPAC) technique was used to measure the electric field gradient (EFG) as a function of pressure for the compounds InBi, In2Bi and In5Bi3 and as a function of temperature for In5Bi3 111Cd as probe on the indium sites. It was possible to identify the phase transition induced by pressure in the compound In2Bi as a transformation to the structure of the compound In5Bi3 with defects. Estimates were made of the volume and the explicit temperature dependences of the EFG for the compounds In2Bi and In5Bi3. The high values of the volume dependence of the EFG obtained for In2Bi is comparable to the known values for pure metals. The importance of anharmonic effects in the EFG shows up for In5Bi3.

DOI: 10.1088/0305-4608/18/4/016
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