ICAMS / Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation


First stage of ICAMS cluster installed


The new ICAMS computer cluster is operational. 1232 cores are now dedicated to multi-scale modelling of material properties and material design. The new machine is the most important tool for the ICAMS scientists to perform high throughput calculations. Combining cutting edge processor technology and fast internal network communication in a space saving design, leaves enough room for future extensions. Part of the machine is reserved for teaching purposes. The actual hardware includes: - 154 calculation nodes with 2 quad-core CPUs (= 1232 cores) - Intel Xeon E5530 processors @ 2.4GHz - Abt. 4 Terabyte Overall RAM capacity - 10 Terabyte of central storage - 300 GByte of local storage for each node - Infiniband highspeed node interconnection - 2 additional headnodes for management purposes - IPMI remote management - Operating system: Scientific Linux SL release 5.3 (Boron) - Scheduling system: Sun Grid Engine - Highly energy efficient water cooled server enclosures
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