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New job opening: Postdoc position "Atomistic simulations of structural rearrangements at solid-solid interfaces"


In the Department 'Atomistic Modelling and Simulation' at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation (ICAMS) a position is available for a postdoctoral researcher (2 years) in the area of:

Atomistic simulations of structural rearrangements at solid-solid interfaces

The aim of this project is to model the kinetics at solid-solid interfaces in transition metals and to identify, extract and characterise the processes that contribute to atomistic rearrangements at the interface. A focus of the project will be on the influence of point defects (as e.g.vacancies or substitutional/interstitial alloying elements) on the involved atomistic processes.

The projects will involve close collaborations with other research groups, in particular the other Departments at ICAMS, the Materials Modelling Laboratory at the University of Oxford and the Department Computational Materials Science at the MPI for Iron Research in Duesseldorf.

Besides a keen interest in the application of quantum mechanical methods for the modelling of real materials and a strong background in the field of statistical mechanics, we expect excellent communication skills both
orally and in written English and willingness to travel to collaborators worldwide. Experience in working with UNIX/Linux environments and code development in Fortran, C or C++ is beneficial.

Candidates are required to hold a PhD in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science or related disciplines. The salary will depend on experience and qualification according to the German public salary scale TV-L. Qualified candidates are asked to submit their Curriculum Vitae, list of publications and the names, affiliations and email addresses of up to three references. Please e-mail only plain text or pdf-files. Please quote 'Position 0304' in the subject header and send your application to:

Dr. Jutta Rogal
Ruhr-University Bochum
44780 Bochum
email: jutta.rogal@rub.de
web: www.icams.de

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation (ICAMS) is a new research centre at the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. At ICAMS an interdisciplinary team of scientists from engineering, materials
science, chemistry, physics and mathematics is working on the development and application of a new generation of simulation tools for multi-scale materials modelling. The Department 'Atomistic Modelling and Simulation' covers the range from quantum-mechanical to large-scale atomistic simulations with a focus on the development and application of bond-order potentials. ICAMS will establish new research and educational programmes in the area of materials simulation in order to educate a new generation of materials engineers in advanced materials simulation techniques.

The Ruhr University Bochum is an equal opportunities employer committed to improving equal gender distribution in all areas of research and teaching. Women holding suitable qualifications are encouraged to apply for the position advertised. Given equal levels of qualification and competence, female applicants will be preferred over their male competitors. Applications from qualified handicapped candidates are also encouraged.

Download PDF: postdoc_ams_solid-solid interfaces.pdf
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