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ICAMS Publications in 2010


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X. Zeng, A. Hartmaier
Modeling size effects on fracture toughness by dislocation dynamics
Acta Materialia, 58, 301–310, (2010)

G. Madsen, L. Ferrighi, B. Hammer
Treatment of layered structures using a semilocal meta-GGA density functional
J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 1, 515-519, (2010)

J. Pešička, A. Aghajani, Ch. Somsen, A. Hartmaier, G. Eggeler
How dislocation substructures evolve during long-term creep of a 12% Cr tempered martensitic ferritic steel
Scripta Materialia, 62, 353–356, (2010)

H.R. Chauke, B. Minisini, R. Drautz, D. Nguyen-Manh, P.E. Ngoepe, D. G. Pettifor,
Theoretical investigation of the Pt3Al ground state
Intermetallics, 18, 417-421, (2010)

T. N. Todorov, D. Dundas, E. J. McEniry
Nonconservative generalized current-induced forces
Phys. Rev. B, 81, 075416, (2010)

N. Moradi, F. Varnik, D. Raabe, I. Steinbach
Roughness-gradient-induced spontaneous motion of droplets on hydrophobic surfaces: A lattice Boltzmann study
Europhysics Letters, 89, 26006-p1-p6, (2010)

I. Steinbach, X. Song, A. Hartmaier
Phase-field model with plastic flow for grain-growth in nanocrystalline material
Philosophical Magazine, 90, 485-499, (2010)

G. Ziegenhain, H. M. Urbassek, A. Hartmaier
Influence of crystal anisotropy on elastic deformation and onset of plasticity in nanoindentation: A simulational study
Journal of applied Physics, 107, 061807, (2010)

J. Hua, A. Hartmaier
Determining Burgers vectors and geometrically necessary dislocation densities from atomistic data
Modelling and simulation in materials science and engineering, 18, 045007, (2010)

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