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Applications of anisotropic polyconvex energies: thin shells and biomechanics of arterial walls

D. Balzani, J. Schröder, P. Neff.

Poly-, Quasi- and Rank-one Convexity in Applied Mechanics, Springer Vienna, 516, 131-175, (2010)

In this contribution a general framework for the construction of polyconvex anisotropic strain energy functions, which a priori satisfy the condition of a stress-free reference configuration, is given. in order to show the applicability of polyconvex functions, two application fields are discussed. First, a comparative analysis of several polyconvex functions is provided, where the models are adjusted to experiments of soft biological tissues from arterial walls. Second, thin-shell simulations, where polyconvex material models are used, show a strong influence of anisotropy when comparing isotropic shells with anisotropic ones.

Keyword(s): experiment model, strong influence, energy function, application field, general framework
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-7091-0174-2_5
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